Your Story

Travelling with a stoma

We caught up with Orla McDade from IA Northern Ireland who’d recently returned from travelling overseas in December 2017.

World Triathlon Champion 2017

Michelle overcomes illness in her rise to the top and become World Triathlon Champion.

A bumpy road - but I'm here!

Julia shows us how life with a pouch doesn't stop anything... including two lovely children!

Love the skin you’re in and love the day

I thought I was going to die and we weren't even married yet!

My UC diagnosis days after my daughter arrived.

Phil's life as a police officer managing with an ileostomy at the age of 23

A new career 4 months post surgery

Hannah's story takes her from emergency surgery to a new career all in the space of 4 months!

My 'magic belly'

James shares how life with an ileostomy has given him confidence and the reassurance he needed ro run his own business.

My stoma turned me into a triathlete

Caroline pushes herself to the limit to complete a triathlon only 12 months after learning to swim! "If I wanted to be a triathlete, I had to train with triathletes"

Reaching for the summit

Kenny shares his 25 year long battle living with ulcerative colitis and his need for surgery before settling with his internal pouch.

It's not the end, it's the beginning

Hannah contacted IA in November 2016 as she was planning to run the Stafford Half Marathon in March 2017, in aid of IA.

Anna's Blog

#OstomyRider - Week 4

Anna highlights how it's not always easy, however motivated you are! "It's been a bit of a day, 3 bag changes due to 3 leaks and the dreaded diarrhoea pre-spin"

#OstomyRider - Week 3

‘Be strong, you never know who you are inspiring’

#OstomyRider - Week 2

‘Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway’ - Earl Nightingale

#OstomyRider - Week 1

So here we are, day one of the plan and all is good. Knowing there's a plan in place (and a blog to write) gives me even more impetus to get on with it - and stick to it.

Introducing #OstomyRider

#OstomyRider, Anna Rennie, introduces her new cycling blog for IA. Anna shares life on two wheels with an ileostomy.